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P. Hąbek
Integrated Product Policy as an Approach Supporting Sustainable Patterns of Production and Consumption

Abstract: The article presents an integrated approach to the product environmental impact at all stages of its life cycle, implemented within the European Union policy to promote sustainable patterns of production and consumption. In the first part of the article the author points out the need to separate the interdependence between economic growth and increase of resource consumption and negative environmental impact. Further on, the integrated product policy is discussed with the regard to its genesis, principles and instruments of implementation.
Key words: decoupling, product life cycle, European Union policy
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A. Bujanowska, W. Biały
The identification and the modelling of processes of the use of the technical infrastructure in the hospital organization

Abstract: The technical infrastructure of the hospital creates conditions for effective and safe leading the process of diagnosing, the treatment and the rehabilitation of patients. At the multitude of both the diversity of medical apparatus, the technical equipment and the necessity for permanent holding and the adaptation of buildings to needs of manufacturing processes of medical services, hospitals permanently employ services for plant maintenance which are gathered in technical department for exploitation. Conducted preliminary examinations from areas of the Silesian province in chosen individuals of the health care showed, that planning and carrying out works and repairs of technical infrastructure of the hospital isn't being assisted by computer tools. From here an identification and a modeling of processes of the use of the technical infrastructure in the hospital organization will be a purpose of the article for the needs of designing the integrated Service Oriented Systems. Developing the example of the system about SOA architecture will constitute the attempt of implementing the model supporting processes of the use of the infrastructure in the hospital organization in accordance with the concept "Facility Management" (FM). FM is a synonym of modern managing building and spatial structures. Exactly systems and information technologies are a factor of integrating FM various areas.
Key words: BPMN, Facility Management, information resources, technical infrastructure in hospital
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A. Loska
Selected organizational aspects of maintenance organization modelling

Abstract: In the article there was made the review and evaluation of modeling selected methods of the maintenance organization parts. Based on the main objectives of this organization, there was specyfied the set of structural and system connections into maintenance organization. The set was extracted from the model called Business Centered Maintenance. Then there presented and discussed the possibility of modeling of the maintenance organization using two-and three-dimensional models.
Key words: maintenance, exploitation, maintenance management, modelling, maintenance organization
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I. Onderková, I. Cholevová
Application of GPS to the excavator wheel

Abstract: For disintegration process control we need a quantity that respects objectively rock-disintegrating tool interaction with the elimination of human factor. From this, basic requirements for the evaluation quantity given below follow: is available in advance or at the moment of disintegration, minimises the influence of human factor on the resultant effect, evaluates objectively the disintegration process. A measure of efficiency of any disintegration process is the consumption of energy usually related to the unit volume of disintegrated rock; on the basis of analysis of done theoretical and practical researches orientated towards the disintegration processes and the verification of objectivity when used in situ (in drilling and tunnelling), at present it is minimised specific volume energy that is the most objective evaluation quantity. This quantity has a general validity for dispersion processes, and thus its use even for the evaluation of diggability on the digging wheel of excavator has a rational basis. In connection with the GIS application for controlling the extracted quantity, an optimal tool is offered for the maximum efficiency of excavation process.
Key words: wheel excavator, lignite mining, GIS system, energy efficiency
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J. Fries, S. Dubina
Monitoring of crankshaft machining

Abstract: Within the MPO project which focuses on supporting lunettes control and crankshaft alignment automation it was necessary to measure time demands of some activities during machining of selected crankshaft types. The article evaluates the basic data measured.
Key words: machining, crankshaft, operations time
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